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The new normal in online education is identifying what works for you!

From my own experience, I recently had a one on one LIVE class with my instructor, Jenny Sansouci, author of The Rebel’s Apothecary. What was I learning? How to bake the easiest, most delicious CBD-infused cookie. Here I was on camera, and as comfortable as can be, in my pajamas, not even showered. My instructor, Jenny, on the other hand, was impeccably perfect.

Jenny Sansouci

What was I learning? How to bake the easiest delicious CBD cookie. Jenny shared her recipe from her book, The Rebel’s Apothecary, and we chatted a little about her recently launched CBD & Mushroom course for The Alchemist’s Kitchen.

We explored a range of incredible ingredients across a range of products meticulously curated to remedy a number of different challenges, and this was made even sweeter with a savings code that offered us 15% off an incredible range of products at The Alchemist’s Kitchen (LEAF15 !)

But truly, the entire experience was enhanced by the comfort of being in my own home, dressed as I wished and in a mindset that was ready to absorb, and learn.

So we want to enable all of you to enjoy the same level of comfort and convenience.

Jenny with her book, The Rebel’s Apothecary

The Launch of On Demand

After almost two years of offering classes on a live, instructor-led basis, The Alchemist’s Kitchen is excited to announce that our Course On-Demand Platform is now available! Our audience has let us know that it can be difficult to join live, virtual sessions based on their busy schedules, not to mention conflicting timezones, and “Zoom fatigue”.

So to make the courses convenient for many learners, we spent the last quarter of 2021 planning, designing, and testing the new platform. We created a free altar creation lesson as a gift to our audience and in support of the Many Moons Planner, and many more other courses for you to access from the comfort of your own home!

A man learning in his pajamas!

Learn at Your Own Pace

Online learning has been shown to increase the retention of information.

This is especially of value when you have the convenience of learning at your own pace. Enjoy the options to rewind and pause which is more efficient and beneficial. The fact that you can use your phone as your learning tool is a helpful ally.

We plan on enhancing your learning experience through monthly gatherings and scheduled live Q&A with the teachers and a gathering with others which stimulate engagement and connection. Traditional offline learning and e-learning can go hand in hand.

If We Don’t Learn, How Will We Grow?

Events and workshops have always been a pillar offering of The Alchemist’s Kitchen. We have an amazing network of teachers, practitioners, and industry experts that have a lifetime to learn their craft. Learning is not a solo journey but a reciprocal exchange of ideas, concepts, and experiences!

For authors that are also teachers, The Alchemist’s Kitchen brings our retail background to enhance the classroom experience.

Make note that The Alchemist Kitchen Book Club will be announcing its lineup of books and teachers for the year ahead. Tiered options will allow students the convenience of combining the readings, live exchanges with authors, and curation of products that align with the topic. Plant-based Heath and personal growth remain our focus.

Learning something new while comfortable.

Divining the Future

Come be co-creators with us. Let us know what classes you would like to take, who are your favorite teachers, and join us as we explore and learn together in the year ahead!