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The healing potential of psychedelics and their cousins, empathogens, has drawn the devoted attention of a small group of dedicated people committed to providing them to those in need. These brave warriors have taken this on as a personal mission, despite the fear and stigma surrounding these substances and what they can do.

On today’s program, Ken talks with three underground therapists who lead sessions with MDMA. Because of the legal issues, we don’t mention their names. But they speak candidly of their own healing experience with MDMA, and how they work with clients. You’ll find them to be intelligent, sensitive, grounded people who bravely offer an important service that should be so much more widely available.

Their work is captured in a book, Trust, Surrender, Receive: How MDMA can release us from Trauma and PTSD, edited by Anne Other. It’s a collection of personal stories about using MDMA therapy to address trauma, and it’s a powerful testament to the effectiveness of this approach. You can buy the book on here.