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There are many plants that we call aphrodisiacs. But what is an aphrodisiac exactly?

Does a cup of tea suddenly propel you into a world of desire? Does a drop of tincture like For Play or Love Stoned make you see a potential partner in a whole new light? Probably not.

It’s more likely that herbal aphrodisiacs can help us create an internal environment from which we can more readily drop into a sensory experience and flow into the present moment.

Many herbal aphrodisiacs share the quality of being circulatory enhancers, moving blood through the body. Circulatory herbs may also help stimulate the reproductive organs and increase sensitivity to touch.

Introducing Damiana đź’«


According to herbal teacher Claudia Keel, damiana especially shines for those who feel numbed or disconnected from their own bodies. Damiana offers profound support for people who have trouble getting out of their heads, are self-conscious in lovemaking, or for those who have experienced trauma that prevents them from feeling safe in their own skin.

You can take advantage of resources from expert botanists from a host of different sources, however, one of our favorites is the resident herbalist at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, Amber (who you can book a free consultation with!)

She agrees:

“When I drink a cup of damiana tea, I feel like I’m putting a bit of sunshine in my belly. It helps ease my mind, feel more social, and brings sensations of warmth to my center. Damiana’s pungency gently increases blood flow to the lower abdomen and pelvic area, not only enhancing sensation but also providing digestive support. No one feels sexy when they’re bloated and full. Finally, damiana’s unique bitter constituents also contribute to its digestive actions and add another benefit – relaxation.”

Image by Jasmine Huang

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