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The Second Psychedelic Revolution - Symbiosis 2013

The Second Psychedelic Revolution Part One: The End of Acid

I n November of 2000, a DEA sting dubbed ‘Operation White Rabbit’ arrested William Leonard…

Gerard Powell – Rythmia, The Ayahuasca Resort

Rythmia is the world's first licensed plant medicine resort. At first it might seem an…
Wahid Azal of the Fatimiya Sufi Order

Ayahuasca and the Godhead: An Interview with Wahid Azal of the Fatimiya Sufi Order

I had the great honor to talk to Wahid Azal recently, who is a Sufi…

What Ayahuasca is Trying to Teach Us: An Interview with Dennis McKenna

D ennis McKenna was already deep into psychedelics when he first tried ayahuasca in 1981.…