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Paul Selig is a normal person who does extraordinary things. His spiritual Guides appear to him as voices, which he hears and then repeats. As he explains in his conversation with Ken, this ability came to him slowly, over many years, starting with a single word and growing to the length of entire books, which he receives like dictation over a matter of weeks and then delivers to the publisher unchanged.

What Paul’s Guides teach is the radical power of intention, attention and awareness to shift the material world. With each book — and there are 6 in print now — they take the teaching further. The scholar Jeffrey Kripal says these books are akin to the wisdom of the ancient Gnostics. The Guides themselves have said that they are of the order of Melchizedek, which is said have included Jesus as an initiate. Whatever the details of the lineage — the Guides don’t seem to think the details are important — these transmissions communicate a high dose of Christ Consciousness. It may or not resonate for you — these things are so personal, and there’s no right or wrong here — but no question, it’s fascinating.

You can go to the Paul Selig YouTube channel to hear the Guides’ teachings. On today’s episode Ken visited with Paul in his cozy Chelsea apartment, fire in the fireplace, and talked about Paul’s personal experience on this remarkable journey. The Guides make an appearance towards the end.

Paul Selig is considered to be one of the foremost spiritual channels working today. He has published 6 breakthrough works of channeled literature, including I Am the Word, The Book of Mastery, and the newly released The Book of Freedom. He was born in New York City, and received his master’s degree from Yale. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant. Paul offers channeled workshops internationally. He serves on the faculty of The Omega Institute, The Kripalu Center and the Esalen Institute. Also a noted playwright and educator, he served on the faculty of NYU for over 25 years. He directed the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College for many years, and he now serves on the college’s Board of Trustees.

You can follow Paul at, on his Facebook page, and on the Paul Selig YouTube channel.