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This Halloween edition of The Evolver we look at witchery as a spiritual practice. The witches are rising, reintroducing our culture to the importance of natural cycles, the intelligence of the body, the prevalence of occult energies, and the profound healing potential of plants. Ken’s guest, Pam Grossman, sees the return of the witch as a global movement — a part of fourth wave feminism, and an embrace of rebellious feminine power. But Pam herself is a longtime practicing witch for whom the archetype is much more than a symbol. It’s a way of orienting yourself in a world that’s alive with magic.

Pam Grossman is a writer, curator and teacher of magical practice and history. She hosts The Witch Wave podcast and is author of the comic What is a Witch, and the forthcoming book Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic and Power, to be released next year. In 2017, she launched WitchEmoji, a witch-themed sticker pack for iMessage that became the #1 seller in the App Store.

You can find more from Pam on her website,, as well as on her blog and on her Instagram, @Phantasmaphile.