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“We now understand the neuro-biological mechanisms for changing consciousness at will,” explains Jamie Wheal, co-author of the bestseller Stealing Fire. Jamie reveals the passion behind the writing of Stealing Fire, which he describes as a “love letter to hidden prometheans and priests,” and the personal experiences that inspired his creation of the Flow Genome Project, where he is Executive Director.

Jamie Wheal is a leading expert on the neuro-physiology of human performance. His work ranges from Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Google, and Nike, to the U.S. Naval War College and Red Bull. He combines a background in expeditionary leadership, wilderness medicine and surf rescue, with over a decade advising high-growth companies on strategy, execution and leadership. At the Flow Genome Project, he leads a team of the world’s top scientists, athletes and artists dedicated to mapping the genome of the peak-performance state known as Flow.

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