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In plant medicine circles, iboga is known as the most intense and physically demanding of entheogens. In the 1960s, it was discovered that iboga was remarkably effective for treating opiate addiction. Today a growing number of alternative health professionals and former addicts offer ibogaine treatment at centers in Mexico, Central and South America, and at underground locations in Europe and the United States. Even though iboga is classified as a Schedule 1 substance in the United States, which makes possession against the law. At the same time, as many as 4 million Americans now have an opiate addiction problem. In 2017, some 50,000 people died from overdoses.

More people need to know about ibogaine. That’s the mission behind Lakshmi Narayan’s campaign, Iboga Saves, which includes a movie and a public education effort to help addicts find care. Lakshmi invited some of the experts she’s working with to join us for a conversation about what ibogaine treatment is like, how it works, and where it’s heading. With Ken today are Deanne Adamson, the founder and president of Being True to You, which is pioneering a transformational recovery model using ibogaine, Anslyn Ryan, who is a Being True to You certified recovery coach, Trevor Millar, who founded the ibogaine provider Liberty Root in Vancouver and is Chairman of the Board of MAPS Canada, and Eric Theirmann, the film director who is making the Iboga Saves documentary.

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