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We’re learning a lot in the lab about higher consciousness, about the neuroscience and physiology of the states that lead to “enlightenment” — or at least what some people mean by that word. Dr. Gino Yu is a consciousness researcher at PolyU in Hong Kong, with 80 published academic papers to his credit. Gino and Ken discuss digital technologies to support awakening experiences, psychic phenomena, energy healing, the stages of awakening consciousness, what could be called “enlightenment,” and experiencing the true joy of being. As you’ll hear, Gino’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Dr. Gino Yu is world renowned for his work in consciousness, discovery, and leadership guided by his love of the arts. He has spoken at international events including TED, the Cannes Lion Festival, and the World Knowledge Forum. His main area of research focuses on the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote enlightened consciousness. He also founded the Asia Consciousness Festival and has hosted Science of Consciousness Conferences around the world.