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Rythmia is the world’s first licensed plant medicine resort. At first it might seem an unlikely place for a plant spirit journey. In the words of today’s guest, Gerard Powell, it was modeled “after the Club Med philosophy of an all-inclusive resort experience offering modalities, accommodations, organic meals, and first class amenities.” The campus has 81 cabanas, a pool, spa, gym, and lovely restaurant. Is it possible to have a luxury ayahuasca experience? You’ll be moved and impressed by Gerry’s commitment to the healing of others.

Gerard Powell is the CEO of Rythmia life Advancement Center in Guanacoste, Costa Rica. Before Rythmia, he was a successful entrepreneur who made millions but was living the life of an addict. The details of his hard knocks story are told in the movie, The Reality of Truth, which can be found easily online — and which led him to found Rythmia after his own slow, painful recovery.

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