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Ezzie Spencer was a hard driving lawyer working for social justice in her home of Australia, when she started doodling the moon’s phases in the margins of her journal. In the process, she found herself rediscovering timeless truths about the cycles of nature, and how the human psyche is tuned in to these cycles, if only you pay attention. She began to share the practice she developed for herself with her friends and colleagues, and from their encouragement it grew into a book called Lunar Abundance, a lunar-inspired self-knowledge and self-care practice, which became a bestseller. Ezzie also holds a PhD in emotional wellbeing after trauma. Together with tracking the moon cycle, this was her entry into the importance of the emotional realm, which she continues to explore through her work today.

Ken talked with Ezzie about her own experience of opening up to these subtle but powerful spiritual currents, and how she navigated the path for herself. She has an inspiring and instructive story about how our lives can be transformed when we stop the hamster wheel long enough to notice what else might be going on around us, and inside of us.

You can follow Ezzie at her website,, and on Instagram at ezziespencer.