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In recent years, as plant medicines like ayahuasca and iboga have gained traction in the West, there’s been a lot of tension between our society’s attitudes about what it calls “drugs”, and the sacred nature of these powerful messengers. In this episode, Ken speaks with three expert activists dedicated to society’s healthy use of plant spirit medicines: Ben De Loenen, the founder and Executive Director of ICEERS, Andrea Langlois, ICEERS’ Director of Engagement, and Dennis McKenna, who we welcome back to the podcast for a 2nd time and who is an ICEERS advisor.

ICEERS – which stands for The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service – is an international non-profit working to shape a future where psychoactive plant practices are valued and integrated parts of society. It’s a pioneering and inspiring NGO based in Barcelona, where it runs many programs focusing on the legalization of plant spirit medicines, as well as the adoption of best practices for the cultivation and use of these entheogens in modern Western society.

Learn more about ICEERS at, as well as their Facebook page. And you can follow Dennis McKenna on his Facebook page, as well.