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You might not think of the strangely alien Blue Man as the product of a massive hit of nature consciousness, but for Chris Wink the line connecting the two is direct. Chris Wink is an award-winning writer, director, actor, designer and composer who co-founded Blue Man Group and the Blue School. Blue Man Group is one of the most recognizable theatrical creations of the past quarter century. The show is currently running in 6 cities around the globe, including Berlin, Vegas, and New York, its city of origin, plus touring companies coming to a city near you. They’ve made iconic commercials, won theater awards and a Grammy. Chris is currently developing several new multi-media theatrical experiences.

In this fun and wide ranging conversation, Ken and Chris discuss how to bring spiritual epiphanies into public expression through art. Along the way they talk about knowing when you’re in alignment through the way your body feels, how the playfulness of Blue Man inspired an innovative approach to education, and the connection between that deep blue Blue Man color and the void.