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Charles Eisenstein first got attention for a self-published, brilliant philosophical book called The Ascent of Humanity, which critiques the idea of the separate self — and offers a coherent vision of a society based on the awareness of our interconnection. His next book was Sacred Economics, which flips much of our received wisdom about economics on its head, right down to its title. In his new book, Climate: A New and Ancient Story, Charles takes a similarly radical approach to the environmental crisis. As Ken and Charles discuss in today’s episode, neither the left nor right political perspective on climate is appropriate for addressing the real issues that we face. He makes important points that everyone who cares about the future of ecosystem needs to hear.

Charles is widely acknowledged as one of our most original and influential thinkers in the emerging consciousness movement. But he didn’t get there by being a tenured professor, or following any standard career path. Ken and Charles touch on that in today’s episode, as well.

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