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Josh Radnor – Talking Meditation and Ayahuasca

Ken and Josh go deep in a fun, informative and freewheeling conversation about consciousness practices…

Dr. Linda Lancaster – Medicine’s Spiritual Frontier

Dr. Linda Lancaster has developed a medical modality that is based on fundamental spiritual truths,…
Aubrey Marcus Plant Medicine Spirit

Aubrey Marcus – Plant Spirit Medicine and the Free Doctors

Aubrey Marcus is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Own the Day, Own…
Edd Edwards Energy Medicine

Edd Edwards – Frontiers of Energy Medicine

Edd Edwards is a master energy medicine practitioner in the Cherokee lineage, whose capabilities have…
Duncan Trussell Meditation

Duncan Trussell – Meditation Tips and Disembodied Gurus

How do you get present, truly in the moment? The comedian Duncan Trussell (@duncantrussell) talks…

Think Sharper with these 6 Herbs

Are you plagued by brain fog and need to sharpen your cognitive function? Is that…

Vaginal Atrophy: What to Do When You’re Dry Down Under

How come we don’t see any commercials regarding vaginal atrophy? Everybody knows about erectile dysfunction…

Sensual Herbs to Help you Relax

There are many plants that we call aphrodisiacs. But what is an aphrodisiac exactly? Does…
Paul Selig Channeling

Paul Selig – Channeling Christ Consciousness

Paul Selig is a normal person who does extraordinary things. His spiritual Guides appear to…
Jeff Krasno Wanderlust Yoga

Jeff Krasno – Wanderlust and the Global Yoga Movement

Jeff Krasno, Wanderlust’s co-founder and executive chairman, talks with Ken about the importance of community…
Ellen Goldberg Tarot

Ellen Goldberg – Healing Through Palms and Cards

Tarot, astrology, and palmistry — ancient technologies for hearing messages from spirit. Ellen Goldberg has…
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